When it comes to our fur babies, I think we live in a perfect city for our animals.

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Amarillo is very pet friendly.  We have great places to take our animals for walks.  We have a dog park, and we have great vet care throughout the city.  Plus, we love our animal rescues.

According to a couple of new studies done by Lawnstarter.com, Amarillo is dog and cat friendly.

The study for dogs revealed that Amarillo ranks 113 out of multiple cities in the entire country.  The study found that Orlando was the best city for Dog Lovers and Detroit came in last.  As for Texas, Austin was in the top 10 and Laredo was in the bottom 10.

The study for cats found that Amarillo ranked a little higher for Cat Lovers and came in at 75.  Again Orlando was number one with Detroit last.

The determining factors in these studies included: measured based on 24 key indicators of dog-friendliness, such as housing, services, and care. It also looked at pawlicy favorability, access to pup-welcoming businesses, and affordability.

For cats, it measured Cat Access, Care Access, Cat-Friendly Housing and Accommodations, and Affordability.

I love the fact that Amarillo is super pet friendly.  I am excited to see what the future for pets holds for this great city.  I know that the Amarillo Animal Management and Wealth are currently hosting a clear shelter, and they are looking to work more closely with other rescues to help get all the strays adopted to loving families.

I also love how our community comes together when it comes to lost pets or pets who are sick and hurt and the owner cannot afford the expensive emergency pet care.

We are a great city for our dogs and cats. Heck, now if we can just get a cat cafe, life will be great.

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