It's looking like the panhandle could be in for several days of 100+ temperatures this week and it could lethal for your pets.

It's always better if your pets can be inside, enjoying the air conditioning with you. But, if that's not possible, there are ways to help keep your pets safe during the  predicted heatwave.

Pets can get dehydrated easily, so give them plenty of fresh, clean water.  Outside pets also need plenty of shade. Go by your at house at lunchtime and check on them.  Be careful not to over -exercise them,

NEVER leave your pet alone in a parked car. Not only is a sure way to heat stroke for your pet, it's illegal in most states.

Don't leave your pets unsupervised around a swimming pool. Not all dogs are good swimmers,

Put off walks, until later during the evening. The asphalt and sidewalks are hot and can burn the pads on your pet's paws.

Again, on seriously hot days, bring your pets inside. A chewed up shoe, is better than losing a pet.

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