How well do you know your Amarillo Drive Through spots? See if you can identify the following spots around Amarillo. Good Luck!

Drive Through


  1. Fazoli's on Soncy
  2. Wendy's on 34th and Coulter
  3. McDonald's on 34th and Coulter
  4. Happy State Bank on Coulter
  5. CVS on Western
  6. Dunkin on Soncy
  7. Popeyes on Coulter
  8. Dunkin on Western
  9. Taco Bell on Wolflin
  10. Starbucks on Soncy
  11. Tide Cleaners on Soncy
  12. Dairy Queen on Soncy
  13. Toot n' Totum on Soncy
  14. Burger King on Western
  15. McDonald's on Soncy
  16. McDonald's Western and Wolflin
  17. Freddie's on Coulter
  18. Braum's on 34th and Coulter

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