It is St. Patrick's Day!  That means every local bar, pub and even some restaurants will be serving up pints of green beer.  Now is you would love to celebrate by drinking green beer but don't feel like leaving the comforts of your home, here's how you can do it!

St. Patrick's Day is March 17th and we are always looking for ways to celebrate.  One of the most popular things around the country is drinking green beer.  This is the only day of the year where people look forward to the color green.  LOL.

Not everybody likes going to a rowdy bar.  So why not make your own green beer.  It sounds difficult, but it truly isn't.

The only way I could possibly imagine making green beer would be with food color.  Beer with food color doesn't sound too appealing to me so I went on a mission to find a recipe without food color.  Enjoy!

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