So it looks like we have another system moving into the Panhandle this weekend bringing rain and snow.  Last weekend it was snowy and cold and no we didn't want to get out in the mess but we did, so now that we have another moving in our direction, here is the best way to prepare.

1. Grab a Blanket and Head for the Couch

couple of lovers watching tv
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You can grab your significant other as well if you want, but grab the biggest warm blanket you have and just go sit or lay on the couch.

2. Start a Fire

Close-up of flames and logs in a fireplace.

That's only if you have a fireplace, if you don't then it isn't a good idea to start a fire in your home.

3.  Grab a Bottle or Box of this, It'll Keep You Warm

Red wine

Nice and toasty warm!

4. Subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Etc.  Get Your Binge On

Smart tv and hand pressing remote control

You can finish a season or 5!  Try the OA, it will mess with your mind.

5.  Let's Face it Coffee is a Must

Give me some more of that
Warren Goldswain

Once you're done with the wine, you might definitely want the coffee.

6. Arm Yourself with a Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs

sleep mask earplugs
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Snow makes everything so much brighter so if you want to sleep in the middle of the day get one of these masks.  Keep the ear plugs handy to drown out the wind or the kids.

7. Make Plans to Stay Inside and Off the Roads

Winter traffic jam seen through a windshield
Robert Crum

Let's face it, it's cold.  This just looks cold.

So get ready to bundle up this weekend, stay safe, stay warm.

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