'Tis the season for all the holiday parties. I am sure you are invited to one or more. You may have to even attend with a significant other.

If you have trouble striking up a conversation and you know you need to make a good impression; this can help.

An easy go-to at this time of year is to ask what their plans are for Christmas or the New Year. Everyone has some kind of plan. They may be hiding out at home away from everyone. They may be dreading spending that much time with family or even the travel. Everyone has a story. Find it out.

It's always easy to talk about food or even music at this time of year. There is plenty of both. Find out what is their favorite holiday food or Christmas song.

You can ask about how they know the host. The answer could lead to more conversation. Maybe they know them from work, if so you can ask about their job. This could be easier than you thought.

You can always ask what they are drinking. I mean if it's not obvious that they are holding a Michelob Ultra in their hand This works better with mixed drinks.

Whatever approach you use make sure you are prepared. You don't want to be that person that is not socializing at the party. Take a chance and get to talking and getting to know people.

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