Checking the weather on your phone is something many of us do without a second thought. Many of us open our phone, give the weather a quick glance, and go about our business. Recently, something caught my attention when looking at the forecast.

How could I be standing in Amarillo, and my phone say I'm not in Amarillo?

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What Is Timbercreek Canyon, Texas?

I was sitting in my office, looking at the weather forecast on my phone when I noticed it. My phone was giving me the weather for a place called Timbercreek Canyon, which led to the obvious question.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

What the hell is a Timbercreek Canyon?

I put the zip code back in, thinking that my phone must be having some weird lapse of sanity. The forecast came back, once again, for Timbercreek Canyon.

So, I did some digging to see what was going on.

Timbercreek Canyon, Texas Is A Very Real Place

I found out that my phone hadn't lost it's tiny mind. Timbercreek Canyon, Texas is a place. It's a place that a lot of us probably aren't aware of.

It's a village, that is a part of the sprawling metropolis of Amarillo, Texas. According to the most recent census data, about 430 people call it home.

The more I thought about it, the more it began to dawn on me that some places that we consider to be neighborhoods or outlying parts of Amarillo are actually a little bit more than that.

Does It Remind Anyone Else Of Zita, Texas?

Zita, Texas is another name that pops up on my phone that originally made no sense. Once I finally decided to do some digging, I found out that Zita is actually an unincorporated community that was basically swallowed up by the growth of Amarillo.

It started out as a stop on the railroad. Now, the only time you hear the name is when you hear someone wondering why their phone says they're standing in the middle of Zita.

Take a closer look at your phone the next time you check the weather or use location services. Who knows when you'll find yourself in Amarillo, but not in Amarillo.

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