Back in 2008 I got a new car. A Dodge Caliber. I loved this car. They were only in production from 2007 - 2012. Only 5 years. But I see them all over Amarillo.

Yes, I pay attention and point and say "Caliber" every time I see one. It was a great car. It actually had an outlet in it....I always joked that I could blow dry my hair if I felt the need. It also has a cooler feature in the glove box. So I could keep a bottle of water cold in it.

When I say I see them all over.....I really do. When my friend, Sherry, and I walk all over Amarillo (she trains for the Susan G Komen "Three Day for the Cure"......she walks 20 miles each day in several cities....I walk with her here in Amarillo when she is in training) she counts Slug Bugs and I count Calibers. There are times that I see more Calibers than she actually sees VW Bugs. I find that amazing since again the Caliber was only made for 5 years. Total!

I moved in to my new house a few years ago.....and what do I see across the street from me?

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Because of course....another Caliber. Now mind you I loved this car but ended up trading it in (along with my daughter's gas guzzling Dodge Durango) to get us both, new to us, vehicles. I got me a total piece of junk car and got her a car good on the gas mileage. It is just one of those things a mom does for her child.

But man I loved that Dodge Caliber....I really did!

While you are driving around....see if you start noticing them now too! Take a picture and post below if you own one or see one!



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