So.. did a thing today. Yesterday was the first day that folks like you and me who don't have any major pre-existing conditions are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine here in the State of Texas. The guidelines were put in place by Governor Greg Abbot several weeks ago. Yes that's my card in the pic, with some details blurred out for you.

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Time to take the tin foil hats off with this vaccine.


I know a lot of folks are gonna say, congratulations Mike you just got one of the following, Check all that apply to me

  • microchipped
  • population control drug
  • GPS tracker
  • sterilized
  • mind control device
  • some other thing I heard from Q
  • yet another thing I saw on Brietbart, Fox, MSNBC, CNN, Info Wars (insert media of choice here)

Look. you're putting a lot of faith in the folks who can't even get our stimulus checks out to us. and honestly if you have a phone in your hand, any credit card with an RFID chip or a drivers' license, guess what... you're already on the grid... drop this excuse it's horsesh... baloney... not that I want to insult baloney... goes great on sandwiches. If you're into that... I prefer roast beef thank you very much.

Getting the shot was as easy as show up and wait

As for the actual experience itself, it wasn't that bad. I made my way down to the Civic Center where the Amarillo Public Health Department was holding its clinic. and sure enough there was NO line. I figured with everyone talking about it there would be but low and behold a quick form just asking for my address and a few questions that honestly weren't very probing and I was in line in no time. The staff was incredibly nice and helpful and before I knew it I was in an isolated booth with a nurse who very clearly and politely explained what the vaccine was and what possible side effects could come with it and before I knew it I was done. A quick 15 minute wait afterwards ensured nothing weird happened. I was only sad because I didn't get a lollipop... the 5 year old in me was crying on the inside.

Little boy is crying - selective focus

If you're here in the Amarillo area, the Department of Public Health holds the clinic weekdays through 9am 5pm and on Tuesday they even stay open through 7pm although you wanna be inline by 6:30 and according to the nurses and staff the afternoons are usually much less busy. You can find everything you need to know on the city website by clicking here

We're so close.. I hope this helps us get out of the woods a little quicker and get us back to a little more normal.

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