With the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine now being approved by the FDA, and the Moderna one right on the verge of the same thing, now is the time to get the shot.

Valmed Home Health & Pharmacy Solutions have teamed up with Roasters Coffee & Tea to get you a vaccine and a drink!

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With the spike in COVID cases recently, it's so important to explore getting the vaccine if you haven't yet. If you are willing and able to take the plunge, we can cut down the spike and get ourselves back to a more normal life that we're used to!

So Valmed is hosting some vaccine clinics for you to get you on your way, and Roasters is gonna send you away with a free drink just for doing it!

I mean, how can you go wrong here. You're protecting yourself against COVID, keeping you and your family healthy and getting a free drink. I think that's kind of a win-win in my book. And yes, I know you can still catch COVID if you're vaccinated, but your symptoms wont be NEARLY as bad if you're vaccinated.

There are 3 more chances for you to get the FREE vaccine, both Moderna and Pfizer available. Moderna if you're 18 and over, Pfizer if you're 12 and over.

Don't miss out on this chance to be rewarded for getting the vaccination done! See below for the locations and times of the next events.

Dates and Locations:

Roasters Coffee & Tea Co. 7:30-11:00AM

August 27th: 1818 Georgia St.
September 9th: 4709 Bell St.
September 10th: 6014 Lowes Ln.

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