I get it, vaccine talk is a VERY touchy subject.

With cases on the rise all over the country, and here in Amarillo as well, it's time to talk about it again.

There's a bit of a difference this time around though. The FDA has APPROVED the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, and that's something that hadn't happened yet. It was something that has caused a lot of hesitation in getting pricked with that little needle.

With at least one vaccine being completely approved for use by the FDA, I ask you this. Does it change your mind about how you feel about the vaccine if you haven't gotten it yet?

I personally hope it does. I understand a lot of people wanted to wait because they just didn't trust something the FDA hadn't approved yet. You never know what could go wrong without the proper testing, science, etc. Yes, it felt like the vaccines were rushed out there. Normally something like that takes YEARS, not months.

Here we were though with this vaccine, and several different ones, just months after the COVID outbreak. Here's the thing we didn't realize though. They had already been working on on something very similar since the SARS outbreak in the early 2000's. It was VERY similar to what COVID is and what is does to a person, so the science of a vaccine was already well underway.

The difference was COVID was taking people down at a much more rapid rate than SARS, and they had to really buckle down to finish the vaccine. Now, the FDA says it's good to go, and Moderna is right around the corner in garnering full approval as they've completed their filing for FDA approval.

So, are you tired of the COVID outbreak? Are you tired of wearing a mask, finding your favorite places shut down or limited in what they can do? Wouldn't you like to go back to a concert? I mean, even Live Nation and other concert promoters (and even individual bands) are saying you have to be vaccinated to attend.

If you are, I beg of you to please reconsider getting the vaccine. I'm not going to look at you any differently if you still don't want to, and I know there are legitimate reasons as to why someone may not be able to get it. However, if you've just been on the fence waiting for the FDA to give you the green light, you've got it. Now hit the gas and let's get back to our new normal Amarillo!

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