Could it be any cooler? Probably not. I found it when I was searching online back in August. So yeah I preordered it. I have no regrets. I loved watching FRIENDS and I still watch it on Nick At Night. So why would I not want to relive all these great moments.
The hardest part was waiting until it was time to start opening. Now it’s kind of confusing because the numbers are all mixed up making them hard to find.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
So here is what I got to open up so far. When I finally got to twenty five days before Christmas there were two 3D trading cards. One is just of the gang the other one is that scene when they were trying to poke Ugly Naked Man from across the way to make sure he was still alive.
When I got to twenty four days away I opened up my next sealed envelope holder. It contained a Friends Holiday Quotes book/ornament for the Christmas tree. One of the pages has the lyrics of the song Phoebe sang them for Christmas. " Happy Hanukkah Monica. May your Christmas be snowy....Joey." So that was pretty cool and will go on a Christmas tree this year.
Next came day twenty three and that had two stickers. One that said "When coffee is life." and the other Joey's famous quote "How you doin'?" So of course those stickers will end up somewhere.
This morning I ended up with the next opening before I hurried to the was a cute little pin with the famous peep-hole picture frame that in on the apartment door. I always wanted to buy one for my door here in my house. The problem is I would have to buy and install a peephole first.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Still I can't wait to see what the rest of the countdown to Christmas brings me to remind me of my favorite moments of FRIENDS. If you didn't get one this year maybe order and hold on to it for next year.....if you can.

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