A press release went out earlier today from the City of Amarillo that was all about a new look for Polk Street. My first thought was of headaches trying to dodge construction. If I do find myself going downtown, I am usually headed for Polk.

So, yes, Polk Street is getting a facelift. Prepare yourself.

So, Does This Mean A Lot Of Construction On Polk?

This was my first question. I have some good news. When you head over to the City of Amarillo's website devoted to the project, you don't see a lot of road construction listed. In fact, there's nothing listed that specifically states that they'll be tearing up the roads (no resurfacing the street or anything like that).

So, that's good news. In fact, there's a lot to this that I can get get behind.

What Construction Will They Be Doing On Polk Street

According to the website, the project includes:

  • Meeting Downtown Amarillo Urban Design standards
  • Meeting ADA accessibility standards
  • Lighting to increase safety (I'm cool as long as we keep the "Gilmore Girl lights")
  • Trees for pedestrian shade and beauty
  • Trash receptacles
  • City beautification
  • Pedestrian improvements (easier to walk around)

The project will include new sidewalks, driveways, storm sewer inlet relocation (that might cause some commuting woes), lighting, street trees, and site furnishings.

It's hard to be mad at that list. A lot of the things that will be accomplished address complaints I've heard, and have myself made, about Polk Street.

When Will The Work On Polk Street Be Done?

This honestly isn't so bad. The estimated completion for the project is in October of 2024. So, just a little over a year and Polk Street will potentially be nicer.

The section of Polk that is going to be getting the facelift is the portion between 10th and 2nd.

You can find out more about the project by following this link.

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