Sometimes only pie will do. Your cravings hone in on one specific thing and your life will be unfulfilled until you have it. Not cake. Not cobbler. Pie!

As boring as it may sound, my favorite pie is apple pie. But, not just any apple pie, but one high in cinnamon content. Some friends were having lunch yesterday and we got to talking about dessert. Apple pie came up, and we all agreed-it's the amount of cinnamon, that makes apple pie, credible.

Cinnamon is what makes the cinnamon roll so good. Cinnabon totally gets cinnamon, it's even in their name. I love THAT much cinnamon on my apple pie. The Christmas season also brings my annual craving for divinity. There use to be a Stuckey's between Amarillo and Canyon, and they had great divinity.

I looked at a divinity recipe once, and it appears to be all egg whites and sugar. TONS of sugar. I decided I'm not running a Stuckey's and don't need as much divinity as the recipe would produce. I just wanna a bite and that will do for the rest of the year.

Back to pie, ice cream must accompany my pie. Specifically, vanilla ice cream. Even more specifically, Blue Bell's Homemade Vanilla. Ice cream makes the eating of apple pie, an occasion.

What is YOUR favorite pie? Let us know in the comment section below.

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