Today we celebrate one of the best comfort foods around. It is also a dish highly coveted by children, nearly half of all children will say it is their favorite.

It's crazy to hear that 37% of Millennials don't know how to cook this dish. Even more astounding is that 42% of women admit they have trouble cooking it......

I am talking about spaghetti! Or sketti, basketti. All those cute names kids call it. Spaghetti is pretty dang awesome. Today is a day that we celebrate all the great spaghetti we have in Amarillo.

Whether you frequent Pescaraz (34th & Bell), Napoli's (7th & Taylor), Macaroni Joe's (I-40 & Georgia) or Olive Garden (I-40 & Western).....who has the best spaghetti in Amarillo? That great sauce and noodles you end up slirping up. Even though you try your darndest to swirl it around on your fork. It's too darn good to miss one bite.

Do you eat your spaghetti with plain marinara sauce? Do you prefer meatballs or sausage with you sauce? Oh and while we are at it.....who has the best bread to go with their spaghetti?

Let's dish pasta today on National Spaghetti Day! Who has the best in Amarillo? Let's all forget about our problems today and just eat spaghetti!





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