When it comes to living a good life, I always say it is the little things in life that make life great.  I know we all wait for the big life changing moments, but sometimes I think we overlook the small things in life.  Those small moments like a clear night when the stars light the sky with sparkle, a small gesture from someone like a small flower picked off the ground.  A kiss on the cheek with I love you whispered in your ear, or even a night at home and a game of Monopoly.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

I actually forgot how much fun playing a board game could be and let's just say I still stink at Monopoly.

I know I have mentioned this before, but my boyfriend resides in Lubbock so we don't always get to see each other.  We do our best to try to make things work and make time to see each other.  This just happened to be one of those weekends where it wasn't going to work out because I had to work and he had something going on.  However, that all changed with one phone call and on Saturday, there he was on my door stop along with some other friends.

Of course we spent the afternoon watching the Texas Tech Football game (Guns Up!!) After, dinner which consisted of some great pizza,  they pulled out the Monopoly box.  Now this isn't your Momma's Monopoly, we didn't have to deal with counting out money.  It was an electronic bank.  You actually used credit cards in this version and all the creative Monopoly pieces were gone.  I was always a fan of the thimble or the top hat however not in this version.  In this version, it was a dog, a jet, a car and headphones, and I'm sure you already know which one I picked.

Usually I'm pretty good at Monopoly however, there is that one person who always makes it look like they don't know what they are doing and seem to be losing most of the game.  Watch out for that person because they are sneaky and will make their move and it's all over.  Oh we had that sneaky person in the group.  So sneaky, very sneaky.

I had a pretty good run until I landed on a property with multiple houses and rent of $11 million.  Then the evil laugh ensued and I knew it was over.  I handed over all my properties and luckily I had a little over a million left over, but with no properties left on the board,  I seceded the game and gifted the remainder of my money to Josh and said, "kick his butt honey."

That didn't happen.  Josh lost as well.

The thing about it, it was that was a fun three hours.  We had a blast.  We laughed, we trash talked, we contemplated math, a simple board game and a evening of memories.

The little things.


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