Downtown Dallas Submerged After Water Line Mishap!

Someone working construction in downtown Dallas, Texas had a terrible day recently.

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In the video below, you can see the aftermath of a water line getting punctured.


Brand New Riverwalk

Imagine walking around downtown, and suddenly, it's like you're in a river. That's what happened. The water from the broken pipe turned streets into streams and sidewalks into swimming pools. Getting around isn't easy – you might need a boat instead of a car.

Like a Movie

People are sharing videos on social media of the flooding. It's like something out of a movie. Cars almost underwater and people walking around in the water – it's wild!

Water Line Safety

Digging around water lines demands extreme caution to prevent damage and potential hazards. Before excavating, it's essential to contact local utility companies to locate and mark underground lines. Water lines, in particular, require careful handling due to the vital role they play in supplying clean water to communities.

Workers must use proper digging techniques, such as hand tools or vacuum excavation, to avoid accidental ruptures. Additionally, wearing personal protective equipment and adhering to safety protocols is paramount. Any sign of damage or leakage should be reported immediately to mitigate risks to both workers and the public. By prioritizing safety measures and respecting the integrity of water lines, excavation projects can proceed efficiently and securely.

Check out the video below:


@dallastexas_tvFlooding in downtown Dallas today after water line hit at construction site (Via IG/ anterobrian IG/ stockish_cv2)♬ original sound - Dallas Texas TV

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