Expect Pumpkin Shortages and Higher Prices this Halloween Season
Halloween is the time for pumpkins.  I personally don't go all out with the pumpkins at Halloween.  We get two big pumpkins and two small ones.  That's usually it, but I don't like spending more than $20 on pumpkins.  However with that said, I guess I should start expecting to pay at least $40 for my 4 pumpkins.
Hurricane Irene Leaves Floods and Mayhem in Its Wake Along East Coast [VIDEO]
Before weakening to a tropical storm, the first hurricane of the season hit the Eastern seaboard with torrential rains, strong winds and floods. Hurricane Irene made landfall on Saturday in North Carolina, moved northward along the coast then slammed into Little Egg Inlet, N.J., as a Category 1 storm. Despite predictions, Irene then lost steam as it lumbered toward New England.