Watching these people rally to the aid of our four-legged friends is both heart-stopping and heartwarming.

Intense flooding struck Baton Rouge, La. last week and led to a fantastic rescue effort (see above video) in which a few men in a boat pulled a woman from her car before one man saved her dog. The woman's car is mostly under the water, yet she is pulled to safety before saying her dog is still trapped in the vehicle. The man believes the pooch is gone, but seconds later the animal pops up in his arms, putting an improbably happy ending to a wild scene.

Another dramatic moment played out halfway across the globe when rescue workers with Animal Aid Unlimited pulled a dog out of a well after the animal fell in. What makes this incident so memorable is the dog cries when she notices help has arrived. It's chill-worthy in its innocence and neediness.

After spotting the canine, the crew goes to work, lowering a man with a rope to the bottom of the well to retrieve the animal and bring her back to ground level.

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