When we had a discussion about Camping World being for sale recently there was a lot of talk about it. Who would be able to move into that location? It's a lot of area so it should be something big.

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Amarillo is all about adding new stuff. That is what we want. We like to keep evolving and growing. So there was a lot of mention of what we think needs to move into that area. It's something that Amarillo does not have. Not yet anyway.

Many people suggested Costco buying up the land and adding a location there. Does it make sense?

Amarillo, who already has two Sam's Club's. Would a Costco be supported? The Camping World location is not too far from the newer Sam's Club location on Soncy. It's a five minute drive between the two. So some competition may be nice.

Both Sam's and Costco are a membership shopping club. They both are a wholesale shopping experience. They both sell bulk product. You can buy that huge case of diapers. You can get that good deal on jewelry.

The closest Costco is in Lubbock. Any surprise there? If they have a Costco. Amarillo should as well. Which is why I also argue we need a Cheesecake Factory. We need to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to places to improve our city.

Could Costco Be A Success in Amarillo?

I believe 100% that Costco is something that Amarillo needs. Yes, I go to Sam's. Yes, I love going to Sam's. I do think that Amarillo can support having both. Give us the chance to either go to both and have one as a favorite. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of us end up with memberships to both.

There will be stuff that we love buying from Sam's. There will be stuff that we will only exclusively will buy at Costco. That is the way it goes.

Hey, Costco come to Amarillo. We have a piece of land that is ready for you.

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