As we make our way through the year we just know it is a matter of time before Buc-ee's moves into Amarillo. This has been a long time coming and as we get closer there is one website you need to keep an eye on.

The official word is that they are supposed to open in February of 2025. The way they are trucking along it may end up opening sooner. Fingers crossed on this one. We could see Buc-ee's open in Amarillo before Christmas. What a Christmas miracle that would be.

So when this popped up on my newsfeed I couldn't help but get a little excited. I mean if they are hiring they have a pretty good pay scale. So this is going to be big for the Amarillo job front.

So I went to the page. I did the search. It seems the only jobs listed for Amarillo are still the managerial jobs that have been posted for a while. Eight jobs in Amarillo are listed at this point.

  • Assistant General Manager
  • Gift/Merchandise Manager
  • Janitorial//Cleaning & Maintenace Manager
  • Human Resources Field Representative
  • Grocery Manager
  • Assistant Gift/Merchant Manager
  • Night Manager
  • Assistant Deli/Food Service Manager

In a job where on their website they list their associates making anywhere between $18 and $21 per hour of course people are ready to apply. So bookmark this page. It will take you directly to jobs in Amarillo. Keep an eye on it periodically.

We will keep an eye on it too. I mean this is pretty much the biggest news in Amarillo. From the moment we heard they were coming to town and until now. How many times do you see friends of yours posting about stopping at a Buc-ee's when they are on the road?

That is going to start happening here. The number of people stopping on their way through town. The number of people stopping for their social media posts. The number of people stopping for their Beaver Nuggets.

Amarillo is about to get crazy and you can get in on the ground floor. A job at Buc-ee's here in Amarillo. Make sure you are ready.

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