It seems like we are a society that is always on the run. We have so much to do in one day. We need to get the kids from school. Go home to get homework done. Oh, and don't forget football practice this evening.

We have to find time to eat dinner and get everything ready for school the next day too. There is so much to do and just so little time. So when we find a way to multi-task we sometimes feel like we are winning.

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One way we might multi-task is by grabbing some dinner on the way to practice. We head to the drive-thru. We get everyone's order placed. We pay and just wait. We have about twenty minutes to feed everyone.

Solution? Just have the kids eat in the car. There may be a mess in the backseat afterward but it is doable. And if the kids are eating, then you're probably eating with them. You think, "I will just chow down that burger on the way". What is the worst thing that can happen?

You may drop a fry between the seat and console. You may even spill your drink. No biggie. Nothing a Clorox wipe can't fix. But, what about getting into an accident?

Is it Legal to Eat and Drive in Texas?

Technically, no. Kind of.

Eating while driving is something we see all the time, right? I did find out that while an officer can't pull you over for chomping down on a burger while driving, it could be considered 'distracted driving' and indeed be a ticketable offense.

I found this on the website of Gordan, Elias & Seely, they are personal injury attorneys:

It is a driver’s legal responsibility to operate his or her motor vehicle safely and prudently – meaning without succumbing to dangerous distractions. Safely operating a vehicle requires a driver’s full cognitive, visual and manual attention. Eating and driving breaches this duty of care by removing a driver’s attention from the driving task. Whether or not a driver breaks an actual law by eating and driving in Texas, he or she could be legally responsible for a related crash.

I also found this on the website of Brian White, a personal injury lawyer:

It is dangerous to eat and drive. It is also against the law in Texas. Drivers in Texas cannot engage in any activity that impairs their abilities to safely control and operate the vehicle. If eating and driving distracts a driver enough to affect his or her driving abilities, a police officer could stop the driver and issue a ticket for a broken roadway rule or even reckless driving.


Sheesh, reckless driving? Burger's not worth that, I think you could agree.

So if you are eating while driving and ,cause an accident you will be at fault. So be sure to really think about if that burger is truly worth it.

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