I can not scream it loud enough, spring is here in Amarillo. It is official on the calendar. Oh, and for the most part, you feel it when you walk outside. The weather is a lot more agreeable. Except for those of you with allergies.  The idea of just being outside can be a literal headache for some.

It's spring though and that means you take the good with the bad. The good is oh-so good. The nights get longer. The sun stays out later in the evening. The gardens will start blooming.

What better place to hang out than the Amarillo Botanical Gardens? They have announced their upcoming Gals in the Gardens. Which combines so many of your favorite things.

There of course will be shopping with over fifty vendors. There will be food as there will be food trucks hanging out. There will be drinks. You know the kind I mean. The kind that makes shopping even more fun.

Shopping with your best gal pals can be a lot of fun. Throw in some live music to up the game. There will be a live jazz band to entertain you while all of this is going on. It is no coincidence that this great event will be happening in time for Mother's Day.

It's the perfect opportunity to spend time with your mom and *maybe* even buy her a gift (or ten) in celebration of Mother's Day. Stroll the gardens together, sip cocktails or fresh lemonade, get matching welded bracelets, make bouquets, grab a few new outfits, and make custom hats to match!

This will be happening Saturday, May 11th from 11 am until 4 pm at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens. A fun time for you and your gals. Oh, and before you ask, What about the guys? Maybe you don't want to leave them out of all of the fun.

And, yes, before you even ask... Men are allowed. But only if they declare themselves "one of the Gals." If they refuse, they'll be banished to the MediPark pond and can hang out with the scary geese that hiss and bite with their weird beaks.

It's a fun day for everyone. Check out all of the details HERE.

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