It seems each and every month our paychecks don't seem to go as far as they once did. If we have any money left over it doesn't seem like much. When that happens we either have to cut back on things we love or get another job. Sometimes we have to do both.

One thing that might get cut out is going out to eat. We may not be able to do that as much as we used to. Heck, even the cost of our groceries has skyrocketed. It's like we are in a no-win situation.

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Luckily our Amarillo restaurants have noticed that. Some have stepped in to make it a bit more affordable. Some tie in the cheaper prices for us into a celebration for them. However we save money we are all for it.

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Calico County Has a Celebration and Great Prices on the Way

It has been forty years since Calico County opened its doors on Paramount. This is a big thing to celebrate because a lot has changed since 1984. Just think about it. They want to celebrate in a big way.

$1.99 breakfast…in this economy?!
You’re hearing that right. As a thank you for 40 years of business in Amarillo, from 7AM-9AM MONDAY-FRIDAY all of February, we are running a $1.99 breakfast special
Whether you’re planning a breakfast with family/friends, or if you just need an early bite before work, be sure to keep Calico County in mind.
Again, this special is available MONDAY-FRIDAY only for the month of February. See you soon!

The best part is that this is a Leap Year so we have an extra day in February to enjoy this great special. There is nothing wrong with that at all. So go celebrate Calico County  - 2410 Paramount Blvd.

Your stomach and your wallet will thank you.

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

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