The Long John Silver's craze in Amarillo is a real thing.  People are rabid for those chicken planks, fried fish, and crunchies.

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It's become an obsession by the have-nots.  People are traveling all over to get their LJS, Lubbock's Long John Silver's surely has had an uptick in sales in the last few months as well as Clovis.  People from Amarillo will drive hours just to get their LJS fix.

That's why when it was brought up that Long John's might be coming back to Amarillo, the hopes of LJS lovers all over Amarillo went into overdrive.

If you are a member of the Facebook Group, AMARILLO RESTAURANT REVIEWS.... AT YOUR OWN RISK, then you might have seen the post.  Someone was asking what restaurant was going up next to Rosa's on Soncy (that would be Wendy's).  Then in the comment section, a person chimed in and said that they were looking to bring a Long John Silver's back to Amarillo.  

Thank you, Lord!  We need that fried greasy goodness back in the Yellow City!

Lori Crofford
Lori Crofford

Wouldn't that be nice, a new LJS in Amarillo?  Hopefully, a new LJS would be run correctly, and wouldn't turn into the dirty mess that was the former Amarillo Long John Silver's.  Amarillo had at least 4 LJS restaurants at one point in time, South Bell, Western and Prairie, Paramount, Ross, and there might have been one on Amarillo Blvd.

After further digging, will Amarillo be getting a Long John Silver's?

As of right now, no!

The person that said they were looking to bring in the franchise was being a troll.  All hopes of the Amarillo people wanting an LJS deflated.  That was just mean!  However, with the craze, it is possible that someday soon, someone will open another franchise.

But until then, we wait and drive to Lubbock or Clovis for the Chicken and Fish.

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