Not long ago, most Americans were living somewhat comfortably.   Many had disposable income and could spend a little more and also save more.

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Then the cost of everything went up, electric, water, and gas bills went up.  The cost of filling your car with gas went up.  Rent and property taxes increased.  The cost of groceries skyrocketed.

Those who were living comfortably are now living paycheck to paycheck, wondering how to cover an unexpected expense, and those who were already struggling are now wondering where their next meal will be coming from tomorrow.

When someone cannot cover the bills, they turn to credit cards to fill the gaps.

That would explain why the credit card debt rose so high in Texas.  In fact, the credit card debt in Texas put the state 2nd in the country for the highest credit card debt increase.

According to a study conducted by Wallet Hub, total credit card debt in Texas was $111,299,095,554.  The average credit card debt per person in Texas is $9,216 which was a $385 increase from the previous quarter.  The total increase in credit card debt for Texas was $3,944,711,993.

That's a lot of debt, and with interest prices, the credit card companies are banking, or they are about to have a lot of write-offs.

California was in the top spot for increased credit card debt, and it makes sense that the two biggest states in the nation top the list for debt.

How to Avoid Credit Card Debt?

  • Only use your credit card for purchases you can pay off
  • Pay your balance in full each month on or before the due date
  • Make sure you are making on-time payments
  • Think before using your credit card

Staying away from credit card debt to make ends meet is cutting out the purchases you were comfortable making when you had extra cash.  Those may include:

  • Eating out/ordering delivery
  • Streaming services/cable
  • Shop around on your insurance policies to find better rates
  • Other memberships that charge per month

Causes of Credit Card Debt

Credit Card debt in America sits at a record $986 billion. And 35% of American adults carry some kind of credit card balance. Developing good financial habits, such as budgeting, saving, and understanding credit card terms, can help prevent or manage credit card debt effectively. It's important to note that each individual's situation is unique, and a combination of these factors or other personal circumstances can contribute to credit card debt. Here are some of those factors

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