Jake Moss from HGTV and the DIY Network will be speaking at the Total Improvement Expo this Saturday at the Amarillo Civic Center.  Jake took some time to sit down with us and tells us a bit about him, his show, his passion, and what he is going to present at the Total Improvement Expo.

Jake Moss
Jake Moss

You have worked most your life in your families landscaping business how did you break into TV

So before you ever answered that Craigslist ad, did you ever think about getting into TV?

How did you start “Scrappin’ It”  Did you look at a piece of junk one day and say I could take that and put it with this and turn it into a piece of art?

Now out of all your works of art, what is your favorite piece?

On Yardcore you have 48 hours to turn a backyard into a dream backyard for the homeowner without even meeting them.  Truly, how difficult is this?

On average how long does it usually take you to finish a backyard when you aren’t doing this on the show.

After working on a yard for such a short period of time, have you ever had anyone who didn't like what you did to their yard?

Your partner in crime on Yardcore is your brother Joel, what is it like working with him?

You are always wearing a fedora, why a fedora?

You'll be speaking at the Total Improvement Expo this Saturday, what can our guests expect to hear and learn from you.


Don't miss out on Jake Moss this Saturday at the Total Improvement Expo.

Admission is $5

Jake takes the stage a little after 2pm and after he is done speaking he will be doing a meet and greet until 5pm.


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