It's a sad state of affairs when I have to interject myself, as the one person, who knows what's going on. We're in the digital age now and whatever rules that applied before 1995, when Al Gore invented the internet, are long gone.

To help you learn to navigate communication in 2019, I'm appointing myself, "King Of The Internet." I'm about to change your life, so if you need to print or save this, I'll wait, Ok, here we go:

1. Don't randomly Face Time people. They could be busy, or getting busy. If you want to video chat, help a brother out and shoot them a text first.

2. My wife hates "K" in texts. Says it makes me seem lazy or that I don't care enough about her to use the "O." Ok.

3. If someone you know comments on a photo you posted, you should respond. It doesn't have to be long, A "like" of "love" is ok.

4. Don't like your own posts. Desperate much?

5. Don't ASK for "likes, " comments or shares. Again, lame.

6. If someone doesn't text you back right away, settle down. It's not a biggie. People have lives.

7. It's perfectly "ok" to just text "Happy Birthday" now.

8. Don't start a bunch of groups chats via text. It drives me insane to hear my phone go off, 12 times, in 15 seconds.

9. Don't switch types of communication. If someone emails you, answer them via email, don't text. If someone texts you, don't email them. And for heaven's sake, don't call them.

10. Finally, don't deliver bad news via text or social media, "You're fired" or "Mom is dead" should never be sent via text or Facebook post. Now, you can call.

I surmise, this will turn into a regular feature, as people find new ways to aggregate the masses at large. We haven't even touched on emoji yet.

Is there a digital communication, that's a burr in your saddle? Let us know, in the comments below!

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