There's tons of food and tons of family around for the holidays. But don't forget your pets. There are lots of ways pets can be hurt at Thanksgiving, and some simple ways to keep them safe.

Whether you're having guests over for Thanksgiving or not, there are some easy ways to make sure your pets survive the holidays.

Don't feed them people food. Just don't. They can't digest fat from turkey very well and that could cause pancreatitis. Chocolate from desserts can be dangerous especially for dogs. Also xylitol which is a sweetener used in lots of sweets is potentially deadly for dogs and cats. Yeast is hard to digest and can make your pets gassy, which would really be bad for you. Also keep the trash out of reach so your pets can't dig into these dangers when you're not looking.

Seasonal plants can also be dangerous and even poisonous. We all know cats love to chew on plants, and they'll try to eat practically any plant you have. Dogs can also be curious about a new plant and a new scent brought into the home. So make sure they are pet safe, or out of reach.

Guests can also be stressful to your pets if there are a lot of them, or they don't know how to be cool around your animals. Small kids especially can go unsupervised in large groups and may unintentionally antagonize your pet which could lead to a bite or scratch. So find a way to keep the pets away from large groups by keeping them in a bedroom, or maybe kennel them for the busiest days.

With people constantly coming in and out of your house the doors are being opened a lot more than you may realize. So the chance for your pets to make a break for it is greatly increased too. Make sure your pets are tagged or micro-chipped so you can get them back to you quickly.

For more tips on animal safety over the holidays click this link, and keep your family members safe, from your other family members.

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