In school, we learned that the first step in gathering information was to ask the 5 Ws and an H. The 5 Ws of course being who, what, when, where, and why. The H is for how.

Taking the 5 Ws and H, we decided to learn about Amarillo using Google search suggestions. From what we found, it looks like "George Strait" and "windy" will answer most questions.

  • Charlie Hardin

    "Who Amarillo"

    When it comes to "who," it looks like the answer is almost always George Strait. All hail the King of Country.

  • Charlie Hardin

    "What Amarillo"

    For most of these, the answer is "yellow." There is also the question we're all asking ourselves, "what to do this weekend."

  • Charlie Hardin

    "When Amarillo"

    For the answer to most of these questions, you'll need to check with your school. In response to "when to visit," I would say any time. If the weather doesn't seem inviting, just give it an hour and then show up.

  • Charlie Hardin

    "Where Amarillo"

    Some of these questions don't seem thought through at all. For instance, "where's amarillo texas."

    Um...Texas? USA? North America? Western hemisphere? Earth? Milky Way? What are you asking?!

    There's also the age old question of where to eat in Amarillo. We have more restaurants than you can shake a whisk at, and yet none of us can decide on where to go.

  • Charlie Hardin

    "Why Amarillo"

    Before I moved here, there are several of these questions I personally asked.

    As far as "why is amarillo so cold" goes, I would answer, "'s Amarillo."

    Same goes for the "windy" question.

  • Charlie Hardin

    "How Amarillo"

    These are the fun ones.

    "Amarillo how are you"...Fine. Thanks for asking.

    "Amarillo how high"...That's a loaded question.

    "How is amarillo texas"...Still here.

    "How far amarillo texas"...Far enough.