If you need hours towards your License to Carry or Concealed Handgun permit then come to Comanche Trails Church of Christ and get them in.

They will be offering a class on Saturday, January 19th starting at 8:00 a.m. and should end around 3:00 p.m., depending on class size. You will have training on-site at the church and will finish your afternoon the Amarillo Shooting Complex for target shooting practice. This will include a $15 dollar range fee.

You don't have to sign up, let them know, or call ahead. You just show up Saturday with $75 and be ready to learn and leave ready for your License to Carry. If you don't have a gun, don't let that hold you back! They will have plenty of guns on site for you to use.

Comanche Trails is located on 2700 SE 35th Ave in Amarillo.

For more details, or if you have any questions you can check out the event Facebook Page. Click here!

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