Here in Amarillo and Texas, a number of local and national retailers have already put face mask requirements in place. When Governor Abbott issued his executive order for face masks to be worn in counties with over 20 positive cases, it affected all businesses in the Amarillo region.

Every store I have been in since the order was put in place, has posted signage requiring a mask. In fact, when I went to Office Max the other day, I forgot my mask and they were quick to ask me to wear one. They even offered to give me one if I needed one. It was no big deal, I just popped back out to my car to grab my mask.

It is difficult to create a list of every Amarillo business that is asking customers to wear a mask, but technically, every business should since Abbott's executive order. Many national retailers, some of which are here in the panhandle, have announced they are putting face mask mandates in place nationwide. For the most, each one of them is already requiring masks in Texas.

In Amarillo, these are the national chains that are requiring shoppers to wear face masks:

  • Barnes and Noble - Currently in effect
  • Best Buy - Beginning August 1
  • CVS - Beginning July 20
  • Dollar Tree - Currently in effect
  • Kohl's - Beginning July 20
  • Sam's Club - Beginning July 20
  • Starbucks - Currently in effect
  • Target - Beginning August 1
  • Verizon - Currently in effect
  • Walgreens - Beginning July 20
  • Walmart - Beginning July 20

While these stores are not currently in Amarillo, they also join the other national retailers in requiring patrons to wear masks:

  • Apple - Currently in effect
  • Costco - Currently in effect
  • Kroger - Beginning July 20
  • Menards - Currently in effect
  • Panera Bread - Currently in effect

It is not clear with every retailer on how they will enforce mask mandates, however Target and Walmart have both laid out their plans. They say that young children and those with underlying medical conditions will not be required to wear a mask. They will be stationing employees outside of store entrances to remind shoppers of the mask rules and provide a disposable mask to those who need one. All retailers will have signs in place about the rules and social distancing reminders.

According to news reports, many retailers have been hesitant to put mask rules in place and ask employees to enforce them. The fear is that the employees will be antagonized by shoppers who do not want to follow their mask policies. Stores have said that they were afraid to put their employees in that position.

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