I see it all the time here in Amarillo. There are animals that are not being taken care of like they should. There are all sorts of animals in the shelters. They don't deserve this, not at all.

As a pet owner you really should have your animals spayed or neutered. It is the responsible thing to do. We end up with over population in our city. We end up with our shelters at capacity. It's just one of those things that you should look into.

I know that there is a cost to being a responsible pet owner. Of course it costs to have your animal spayed or neutered. There are programs out there to help you. You will, of course, need to make an appointment as soon as possible because these programs do book out. So check into some of these options and take care of your animals. I mean not only is it responsible but fixing your animals also helps with some behavioral issues.

I have a dog and a cat. They are both spayed. It is just easier for the lifetime of your pet. One option is help through Critters Without Litters. They offer a voucher. The cost is $55 for dogs and $45 for cats.

credit: Critters Without LItters

Another option is through P.E.T.S Clinic of Amarillo. The cost for a dog is $60. A male cat is $35 and a female cat will run you $45.

credit: P.E.T.S Clinic of Amarillo

They both offer other services like microchipping and vaccination. Our animals deserve to have all the love we can provide for them. When we take care of them we don't end up with a bunch of animals that end up at the pound. That is not the life for them. Please be responsible and give your pets the love they deserve.

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