We see countless memes going around saying that if you are cold so are your pets. Make sure you bring them inside. This is one hundred percent true. I feel bad enough making my dog, Chipper, go outside to use the restroom. She hates going out. So I put a puppy pad out just in case when I leave for work.

Guess what? There are others we need to worry about during all this crazy Panhandle weather. I am talking about our countless numbers of homeless people. It is sad how many you see begging around the city for food or money. Then there are the ones you just see sleeping on the streets. When the weather is like this of course they can not stay outside. So what are they to do? It's great to see all the posts about exactly how you can help.

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Amarillo Housing First posted a lot about their Code Blue Program. It helps Amarillo help out in such a dire situation. Here is what they posted:

Code Blue Warming Station - Amarillo will have its first activation of the 20/21 winter weather season tonight, Sunday, 10.25.2020 at 7:00 p.m. until Monday morning, 10.26.2020 at 7:30 a.m.at the
Amarillo Housing First facility at 207 N Tyler, due to overnight teen wind chill values and a greater than 70% chance of winter precipitation.
If you see anyone out in the weather overnight, text 806.414.2243 with a location and description, and we can have one of our volunteer mobile teams check on them and offer a ride to the local emergency shelters or to Code Blue Warming Station.
If you'd like to receive activation alerts, you can subscribe to the email/text alerts at https://r.i-info.com/cba.
Thanks, Amarillo!
credit: Amarillo Housing First Facebook Page
credit: Amarillo Housing First Facebook Page
Of course as the weather has continued to be crazy they have been here to help. I have seen this posted several times . So they are getting the message out and it is great. I sure hope that every one of our homeless people and families found their way into a shelter. They are available. So if you see anyone please do help out and contact Amarillo Housing First and save a life.

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