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Lubbock storm chaser Kyle Russell Allen snapped what may be the naughtiest tornado picture we've ever seen.

After seeing the picture pop up on Facebook today, our curiosity was aroused. I mean, how often do you see a funnel cloud that looks like a well-endowed adult film star? We're not sure exactly where the tip of that funnel cloud is pointed, but it's about to get a pounding.


"Storm was excited to see me I guess?" Allen wrote on Facebook along with the picture.

I reached out Allen about the picture, and he joked with me and said, "The atmosphere was definitely moist that day!"

I nearly shot coffee out of my nose.

He added: "My buddy that preceded you on the morning show woulda got a kick out of it!"

Allen was a friend of the late Kelly Plasker, who I, unfortunately, never had the opportunity to meet. From what I've learned from her friends and co-workers, she was absolutely enamored with storm chasing the big beautiful storms. I sit in her old office, and when it rains outside and I hear thunder, I am always reminded of that special part of her life.

Thanks so much to Storm Chaser Kyle Russell Allen for the incredible photo. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all his storm chasing shenanigans. I hope you guys get a couple of laughs out of this silly picture. Not only is mother nature awe-inspiring and wild, but she's also very comical if you look close enough.

Tornado and Wall Cloud Pictures From Monday, May 17th, 2021


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