Need to get caught up on 'Mad Men' before the highly anticipated Season 7 premiere this Sunday, April 13? Whether you just missed a few episodes or have never watched the series (blasphemy!), ScreenCrush has your back with a one-minute video explaining everything that has happened over the entire series in the fast-paced clip. (It's kind of like cramming for a test, only with hilarious commentary.)

'Everything You Need to Know About 'Mad Men' in 60 Seconds,' as the video is aptly titled, re-lives everything from Don Draper's multiple affairs and divorce to Peggy giving birth to Pete's baby and later leaving for a rival company. Oh, what a tangled web the 1960s ad agency execs weave.

The vid also gives us a sneak peek at what's to come in the final season premiere, including the company's move to California and even a subtle peek at Joan's boobs.

Watch the video above!