Madonna‘s daughter Lourdes has always shown off a rebellious streak when it comes to fashion. When Madge is your mom, it’s in your DNA to have an edgy look, since Madonna pretty much wrote the book on street style in the ’80s.

Lourdes, who is Madonna’s partner in the Material Girl teen line sold at Macy’s, recently showed off a half-shaved head while cruising through LAX with her maternal unit. It’s essentially Skrillex hair: half-shaved, half-long and oh-so-versatile.

Lourdes had her shiny black follicles piled atop her head, showing off her shaved sides. It’s very “right now” and remains femme, thanks to the length. Lourdes is exotically beautiful, so she certainly has the good genetics to pull this look off with the greatest of ease.

The burning question, though, is what Madge thinks of it. Something tells us she may have rolled her eyes disapprovingly at first, and now just deals with it, since trying to reason with a headstrong teen over her hair is often a battle most moms, Madonna or not, can’t win.

What about you, PopCrush readers? What do you think of Lourdes’ new ‘do?

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