When I get a phone call from my daughter, Faith, and not a text....it is usually of importance. Usually!

So I am sitting in a meeting at work....and she calls. I text her back to tell her I am in a meeting. She sends a text to ask if she can buy a new mat for her front door. I said sure. Not really knowing she meant that I would be paying for it.

When I realized that is what she meant....she let me know it was only $11. Not bad. So later in the afternoon I get a notification from Capital One saying that my charge at Walmart for about $50 was approved. Wait? $50?

So I text my sweet child and asked her what happened to the $11 mat she was buying. She proceeded to tell me that she bought the mat but also got cat food, hairspray and just other stuff she really needed.

She also said there was no point in doing two different orders so she just put it all on my card. Lovely, precious children.

Of course there was no point....I mean putting it all on one card means I will pay for it! Pretty smart I tell you!

Later in the afternoon she sent me another text saying she really needs a new litter box for her cat....one that has a cover so her cat doesn't kick litter all over the floor. So I asked why she didn't get one while she was on her shopping spree at Walmart.

Her response? She didn't want to ask me if she could buy it since she asked me about the mat. Really? She didn't ask me about all the other stuff she got. So she returned to Walmart yesterday to get a litter box.

That trip only cost me about $35....so we are making progress.


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