When it comes to buying presents this holiday season, there is one group in our community that can sometimes be overlooked. That is all the loving animals waiting for adoption at the Amarillo SPCA. For a 2nd year, the SPCA is placing wish boxes around the area looking for simple donations that make a big difference. The Amarillo SPCA is a non-profit, no kill shelter, who can always use more help and resources.

On the wish list this year are laundry detergent, Clorox bleach, paper towels, Dawn dish soap, OdoBan (gallon jug of disinfectant available at Home Depot), blankets, and towels. Right now, there are wish boxes placed at the following locations:

  • Amarillo SPCA - 11901 S Coulter St.
  • Yellow City Pet Supply - 7710 Hillside Rd #200
  • Home Depot - 2410 S Georgia St.
  • Swann Animal Clinic - 3102 SW 45th Ave.
  • Animal Medical Center -6201 W Amarillo Blvd
  • ...And more to come!


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