I know there is almost a cult like following when it comes to the McRib sandwich that McDonalds serves up every year. I don't get it. I tried to like it. I mean it's a cheap rib style meal. I tried and tried.

Every time I would order one just to see if my thoughts have changed over the years. I would have the same reaction. I am biting into this mushed up patty of meat. There is no semblance of a rib anywhere. I can look at it and see it is just processed meat. I don't get why so many people love it.

That being said as I was scrolling on Facebook yesterday I saw that Arby's was trying their hand at a new rib sandwich. I mean the picture actually looked like rib meat. So I had some kind of hopes on this one. So I thought yep, that was going to be my lunch yesterday.

Now I did not have the highest of hopes because I did order me a backup plan. I got a roast beef sandwich because one does not go to Arby's and not get some roast beef. I mean really.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I was, though, going to give the rib sandwich a try at least. According to their website here is a description of the sandwich:

 Real Country Style Rib Sandwich. Hickory-smoked, low and slow, for over 8 hours in our East Texas smokehouse. Topped with melted Gouda cheese, crispy onions and smoky BBQ sauce.

I mean it sounds good. The picture I took really didn't do it justice. They never really do.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

What got me is that the meat actually did look like ribs. It looked like they cut it off the bone. I am not saying they did but hey it gave me hope. I tried the rib sandwich and you know what it really wasn't half bad.

If I was in the mood for a rib sandwich I would probably hit up Tyler's BBQ first. If my plans were to swing by Arby's with family or friends and I really wanted some ribs I wouldn't regret ordering this again.

I definitely would go to this one any time over a McRib. Yes, I said it.

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