Whatever that mascot thing is in Philadelphia, it has a name. The Amarillo Sod Poodles have named their mascot, Meet Ruckus!

Kudos are due for Amarillo & Canyon elementary students, who were given three possible names for the Soddies mascot, Ruckus, Digger or Yappy. Mercifully, they picked the best one. They had two weeks to decide and the Poodles received over 1,000 submissions, to reach the new moniker.

Ruckus is a Sod Poodle, the official team mascot of the Amarillo Sod Poodles, The Soddies website says "RUCKUS is tough and a bit mischievous but loves kids and likes to have lots of fun! RUCKUS traveled far across the Texas high plains to join the Sod Poodles organization for their inaugural 2019 season."

On game days, RUCKUS can be seen burrowing through HODGETOWN signing autographs or taking pictures with guests. When he is not entertaining the masses at HODGETOWN, he can be seen all around Amarillo and the Panhandle making appearances at schools, charitable and corporate functions, and many other events! We'll see Ruckus at the games, of course, signing autographs and taking selfies.

But Ruckus could be, anywhere! He'll attend openings, charitable events, and happenings, all over the Texas Panhandle. If you would like some Ruckus at your next event, call the Sod Poodles office and set it up.

Ruckus lists his hobbies as  Baseball (of course), Digging, Sleeping, Jump-Yipping, Protecting Kids and Family. He also enjoys hot dogs and Cracker Jacks. We love his belt buckle.

The Amarillo Sod Poodles open their first home game April 8th, against the Midland Rockhounds. Single game tickets will go on sale, online Saturday, March 16th.

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