For many years, The Amarillo Club has been known for being Amarillo's elite place to eat, do business, and have events.

The Amarillo Club is located on the very top floor of the First Bank Southwest Building in downtown Amarillo. With downtown changing so quickly, owners though it is time for an upgrade! Starting later this Summer the Amarillo Club will be getting a whopping $1 Million dollars in renovations.

Club memberships have grown 35 percent in the past year and I am sure that is just the beginning. The new look and feel of the club will be sure to attract the younger crowd. Starting August 31st anyone who wants to become a member will undergo an intense vetting process. All members will pay the initiation fee, and two current members of the Amarillo Club must co-sign your membership

The Amarillo Club said these upgrades would not be possible without sponsors like CareXpress Urgent Care, Family Medicine Centers, Street Auto Group and more.


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