Evolution is a part of life. I don't just mean people. I mean cars, technology and yes, cities.

Things come and go as a part of evolution, and Amarillo has seen its fair share come and go. It's all about what you decide to do with that. Some places just leave it be and let an area become run down and desolate. However, Amarillo hasn't done that. Over the last 10-15 years, there's been a LOT of changes in the downtown area and I think it's a good omen for what it's like to live in Amarillo. Here's just a few that have really given the city a facelift.

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100 SW 7th St

Back in 2007, you could look at Google Maps and see this area with an old building for lease on one side, and a parking lot on the other. The parking lot wasn't really serving a purpose as nothing was in the building next to it. The area itself looked old and not like the best part of town to be in.

Fast forward to today where you can see it's been beautifully restored and is now a hot spot of Amarillo. Gone is the parking lot, now home to the beautiful Six Car Pub & Brewery. That old building with no tenants? Completely restored and now the gorgeous Esquire Jazz Club

147 SE 9th St

Plug this address into Google Maps back in 2007 and you'll find a view of a building that used to be home to The Canyon. Outdated, dirty and old, it was now just another piece of Amarillo history that no one cared to look at. Across the street was just another old building that looked like it was built in he 50's with no updating whatsoever.

Now, The Canyon building has been cleaned up and restored with a beautiful new Canyon sign that is more modern, but still in touch with the old days. Across the street, that old building has been remodeled and is now home to a Burrito Stop.

399 SE 9th St

Going back to 2007, all you were going to find here was a big open field on one corner and a brick office building on the other. The field was just a giant patch of weeds and grass, nothing more. Not eye appealing and definitely no reason to drive past it unless you were headed somewhere.

Now, that open field is home to a Toot'n Totum, some beautiful landscaping with trees and cute little street lights. The brick building across the street remains, but the transformation of the area by simply adding a convenience store is beyond words.


Now for my personal favorite transformation. Just 8 years ago, this location was nothing but an open lot and some older, rundown buildings. No matter where you looked in this area, it was a huge eye sore. You'd find cars parked along the streets, warehouses, etc. all around you.

These days, you'll find an area completely revitalized. It's home to one of the best ballparks in America, the buildings that are around it completely restored or entirely rebuilt. The landscaping is back with those almost decorative street lights and is now one of the most beautiful places in the town.

These aren't the only places though that have changed the way our fair city looks. So many areas have been restored or remodeled over the last 10-15 years. Don't take my word for it however, look at the pictures below.

Downtown Amarillo Over The Years

Downtown Amarillo has seen an incredible metamorphosis. Take a look at the photos below to see just how much it's changed--you won't believe the difference.

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