Now this is a great job opportunity. Chief Exploration Officer for Michelob Ultra and it pays $50,000 a year. But be ready to travel on the bosses’ dime as you will explore all of our National Parks here in Texas and across America.

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Anheuser Bush says, the ideal candidate is described as someone who has a "deep appreciation for nature" who will take the best photos at national park to share on the company's social media on the six-month journey. You'll also need to agree to follow CDC guidance for the coronavirus.

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Now listen to this, the chosen candidate will be able to bring a plus one and will have a custom trailer to stay in during the six month journey as well as plenty of gas money for your company vehicle. By the way the plus one is a person or a pet.

You have to be 21years old to apply and have a valid driver’s license. The six month job pays $50,000 which ends up at about $4200.00 per paycheck.

Use us a reference. Good luck!