I know this is nothing new. We hear it a lot. Cokes are bad for us to drink. Oh but we sure seem to love them a lot too.

So maybe you are trying to get healthy. Maybe you know one of the things holding you back is your habit of grabbing a coke everyday. Maybe you want to kick that habit. Maybe this will help you a bit.

Here are some of the things that your body goes through every time you gulp one down.

One of the biggest things about drinking cokes is that you end up craving more. You have to know that sugar can be addictive. So when we drink one we start craving more and more. It turns out we want more high carb and high calorie foods. Yep it makes you grab another one and sooner than later.

Cokes can make you dehydrated. Your kidneys are pretty good and getting rid of some excess sugar when you go to the restroom. When they do there job and do that your body ends up losing water. The ending to that is you are dehydrated and it's even worse because there is caffeine included too.

All that sugar has to go somewhere. Where do you think that is? Well it turns into fat. When you drink a coke your pancreas has to release insulin. That helps to send that sugar to be used for energy by your muscles. Well there ends up being way too much sugar after that. Oh and at that point all that extra sugar the liver ends up converting to fat.

Do you ever really feel really energetic after drinking a coke? Oh and then crash? When you drink a coke it takes only 15 minutes for your intestines to send the sugar into your bloodstream. So after that spike to your blood sugar it causes many of your organs in your body to ramp it up just to try processing that sugar. Once it does......those organs are overworked and you tend to crash.

So maybe all of these rolled in to one will make you think before you grab another drink. Maybe try to go a couple days without one. Once that works maybe try a week. It will get easier and easier to kick your coke habit.


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