Monday I went into a business and filled out an application.  That was the first time doing that in over 2 years,  and  boy was it weird. 

I used to be the kind of woman that kept a full time job.  Got up every morning at the same time and off to work for the day fulfilling every one of my boss' requests.  I would come home each day exhausted from tending to others, so much so that when my children or husband would have a request I would just cringe.  Then I decided to stay home.  I gave up that life.  I started tending to my children and husband, and eventually our new 4 kids.  I made this house our home.

But now things are changing.

We have some major goals we want to achieve, some debt we want to see gone, and when you have a goal you need to buck up and achieve it.  So  my new journey begins.  I shall go back into the work force.  I will have to get used to listening to others requests, manage waking up on time and get dressed for success daily.  It’s going to be a whole new world for me.  I don’t even know how to set my alarm clock anymore.

I worry that I won’t know how to “work” again.  I worry that the world has learned some new tricks while I was at home learning all my kids’ names.  While I was in the kitchen trying out some new Pinterest recipe did the world create new ways to old methods?  Well I guess I will find out soon enough.

Do you have any advice to me, been out of it over 2 years?  Anything I should know now?

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