As I pulled up to the school this morning to drop E. off my heart sank as I looked at the storm clouds and heard the thunder and the lightening.  I just wanted to run after him, grab him and go home and cuddle.  Because, some of the parents of Moore didn't realize that yesterday would be the last time they were able to hug their babies and tel them that they loved them.E. hates thunderstorms.  They scare him and rightfully so.    The first tornado drill they had in school had him terrified.  When he saw one little cloud he freaked out.  I only hope he'll be OK.  As I dropped him off this morning I gave him a big kiss and told him that no matter what I will always love him and asked him if he knew that, "yes momma and I love you too," and with that he went inside his school.  The same school that has probably the same plan that the elementary schools in Moore, OK had, go into the hall, duck and cover.

I don't like that plan anymore.

If I learned anything from yesterday's tragedy is that you never know if you will have tomorrow.  You never know if your child will have tomorrow.  That's one thing we are not promised, a tomorrow.

My heart aches for those mommies and daddies who didn't get to kiss their little one good night last night.  Those moms and dads who didn't get to argue with their little one to get up and get dressed this morning.  Those moms and dads who didn't get to drop them off at school this morning.

What happened yesterday is the stuff nightmares are made of, one of the most horrible things a community, a teacher, a parent can face.

As I watched my child walk into school this morning, I thank God for the blessing that he gave me.  I thanked God for  one more day.  I asked God to keep him safe.  I know that God will no matter what.

Again, my heart and prayers go out to those families in Moore, OK.   My  prayers go out to all the Fire and Rescue, especially those men and women who are searching through the rubble of the Plaza Towers Elementary School and I pray that the images do not haunt them for the rest of their lives.  I pray for those moms and dads who won't get to tuck their little ones in at night or see their smiling faces in the morning.

I trust God has a plan for the people of Moore, OK.

If you would like to help those people affected by the tornado in Moore, OK.  Mix 94.1 is teaming up with our sister station 96.9 KISS-FM along with Absolute Lawn Care, and On The Spot Mobile Detailing to collect supplies to send to Moore, OK.

We have a drop-off location at the Mix 94.1 studios (6214 SW 34th Amarillo, 79109) we are looking for donations of the following items:

1.Toiletries (Shampoo, Soap, Tooth Brush, Ect.)

2.Baby Wipes

3. Diapers

4.Baby formula

5.Coloring Books

6.Teddy Bears

7.Bottled Water/Gatorade

8. Power Strips

9. Bedding

10.Canned Food

Here are other ways you can help as well.

Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10