I was talking to a friend at the Garage Sale over the weekend and connected about a couple of common interests. One, our fandom for Smallville on the WB. The other, Rick Springfield. We both had seen Springfield in concert (her more times than me) and read his Bio "Late, Late At Night." So, when I was catching up on some paperwork at home that night, I fired up my trusty iPod and cranked his greatest hits-and they were.

Let's just look at his songs that hit the Top 10:

I've Done Everything For You (written by Sammy Hagar)

Don't Talk To Strangers

Affair Of The Heart

Love Somebody

and of course, Jessie's Girl (which Rick claims is semi-autobiographical).

Springfield, in his radio hey day had a total of 21 songs that were on the chart, 17 of those in the top 40.

Which brings me to today's MyPod, which is a a song that came off of his movie, "Hard To Hold." If you haven't seen the movie, you may want to check Netflix and give it a go. I will admit, it's not Oscar caliber, but still a pretty decent movie.

Hard to believe this song was released 27 years ago (somebody get me my cane and walker please). It was released on March 10, 1984 and would rise all the way to #5 on the charts.

Here's the "Rock Doc," Dr. Noah Drake from General Hospital, Rick Springfield with "Love Somebody."

Rick Springfield & Rick Andrews

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