Hard to believe, but Rick Springfield turns 62 today. Born Richard Springthorpe on 8/23/1949 in Sydney, Australia. By the early 80's, Springfield was pulling double-duty as a rock star and a well-known soap star. Remember Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital? Although Springfield hasn't had any radio hits in quite sometime, he is still making music and has a yearly Boat Cruise where fans can hang with him. To celebrate Rick's birthday, I thought I would share my top 5 favorite Springfield songs.

(ed note: since we are all very familiar with Jessie's Girl, I have decided to omit this from the list. Rick did win a Best Male Vocal Grammy for that song)

  • 1

    Love Somebody

    (1984) Billboard #5

    Rick attempted to take on a starring role in a movie about a rock star, called 'Hard To Hold.' The soundtrack fared better then the movie. This would be the biggest single off that album.

  • 2

    Affair Of The Heart

    (1983) Billboard #9

    This comes off the album, 'Living in Oz.'

  • 3

    Love Is Alright Tonight

    (1981) Billboard #20

    3rd single off his 'Working Class Dog' album.

    (ed note: Springfield is a huge dog lover and his dog Ron is featured on this album cover, along with his follow up, 'Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet.')

  • 4

    I've Done Everything For You

    (1981) Billboard #8

    This was the follow up to 'Jessie's Girl.' It was written by Sammy Hagar.

  • 5


    (1984) Billboard #27

    This was originally recorded in 1978. Springfield claims this is autobiographical about being mistaken for Bruce Springsteen.

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