A new survey by Mumsnet reveals that 18% of parents regret the name they chose for their child. Read on for other findings.  2% of parents have changed their child's name because they did not like it.

11% of parents regret giving their child their name because of spelling or pronunciation Issues.

So what are the craziest names parents have named their kids?  According to Tummywear.org, here's some of the more unusual names for kids:

For Boys:  "Adelbert", "Aditya", "Algie", "Blaise", "Ceylon", "Cloyd", "Dow", "Elick", "Eliezer", "Elihu", "Fate", "Garold", "Gust", "Hamp", "Hersche", "Hortense", "Isai", "Jory", "Junious", "Kylan", "Lafe", "Lige", "Lum", "Mahlon", "Misael", "Mose", "Obed", Ocie", "Press", "Redden", "Refugio", "Rexford", "Sim", "Solon", "Tobe", "Verl", "Wash", "Wym", "Zaid", and "Zale".

For Girls:  "Adah", "Adda", "Alda", "Babette", "Bena", "Birdie", "Brigid", "Chana", "Cinda", "Clyda", "Dania", "Deasia", "Edmonia", "Etter", "Fleeta", "Frona", "Gussie", "Herlinda", "Hulda", "Icy", "Jakayla", "Jettie", "Kanisha", "Lavada", "Loma", "Lular", "Mallie", "Mignon", "Nayeli", "Neppie", "Onie", "Ozella", "Palma", "Philomena", "Rella", "Rilla", "Sanni", "Shelva", "Tangela", "Tisa", "Una", and "Wylie".